Cabo Pulmo

Finding fish with sound at Cabo Pulmo National Park

Counting fish is not an easy task and traditionally requires dive teams to spend many…

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Bahia de Banderas

How many species and groups of invertebrates are in the Gulf of California reefs?

The fish communities in the reefs of the Gulf of California (GoC) have been studied…

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Fisheries driving development in Punta Abreojos, Mexico

Punta Abreojos is one of the most important fishing communities in terms of marine resource…

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Yellow Snapper

How distance between mangroves and reefs could affect snapper populations

Several species of snappers are dependent on mangrove forests during their first year of life…

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Kelp Forests

Counting fish in the kelp forests of Baja California

Kelp forests are the submerged counterparts of rain forests and are among the most productive…

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Mexico’s reefs and underwater data

For the last 15 years GCMP scientists have been surveying many of the rocky reefs…

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